Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Have been busy on the internet as before lol. I spent a lot of time on the  MTC message board reading and learning. I just love that program (Make the Cut) it is so versatile and really easy to learn,  Even tho I am a Cricut Circle Member and have several Cricuts I decided to buy a Black Cat Cougar Cutter last month after Provo Craft decided to sue MTC . Well I do not need Provo Craft any more. The Cartridges are so expensive and you can not design with any of their products without their cartridges. So now I still use the Cricuts but the Black Cat cuts circles around them. There is so much more you can do with the Black Cat and MTC. I am just in the beginner stage with the Cat but am learning and there is so much help available on the Message Boards. If any one is interested in a Cutter or MTC please check it out. Every Tuesday there is a Webinar online with MTC and you can ask questions after demonstrations of how to design in MTC. It works with almost any cutter except the Cricut. I will have to get busy and post some cards again. Many go to people without me taking pictures. That I hope will change somewhat in the future. One can and must always hope!